I've got some GE MyPlaces file questions:

One: GE seems like an incredibly clumsy place to edit KML files. One slip of the mouse, and an entire folder representing days of work is gone for good. Not only that, you can only cut and paste one placemark at a time. Organizing folders is also a pain. Is there an alternate way to do that?

Two: I have lost many many hours of work in GE, some my fault, but some inexplicably. I try to save MyPlaces every few minutes. Is there a backup routine that works when you exit in Windows 7?

Three, and most important: It seems from the above problems that GE isn't really supported and kept up by Google. Is there another program that would enable me to geographically arrange data in a geo-viewable format? GE is a cool program, but if it is unreliable, it's not much use.