As I've posted this elsewhere, I thought I'd put a note here about a find of mine.

Will Street View get a timeslider?

They might be thinking ahead about a history or timeslider feature in Street View. What I'm seeing COULD have nothing to do with it, but it is a very interesting issue with regards to Street View images.

In New Zealand, old imagery isn't the default but isn't removed anymore. My old links will call up the old low resolution images, even on browsers that have never seen that URL before. I've even cleared the caches. Google definitely has the old images in their Street View database. You can switch by dragging the Pegman by a pixel or two and suddenly you'll be in the new imagery and stay there no matter how much moving around you do.

It's important to note that once you are viewing an older image if you use the SV in-picture arrows to move through the pictures, you will stay in that older imagery. You have to drag the Pegman to switch to new imagery, as I mentioned previously. This could simply be an artifact of the old URL, and they have no plans to create a history of Street View of course. I find it most interesting that you STAY in the old imagery once you're viewing it though.

I've also made sure that this isn't something as simple as two lanes on the same road, one old and one new.

Futuro Home New Image
Futuro Home Older Image

Elsewhere -- A building shaped like a sheep:

Sheep Building New Image

Sheep Building Older Image

This might be the second update where they've kept old imagery around in the background. I found out that places in Houston had this same thing. (they did an update in Texas earlier this year to put the newest camera shots in place)

Let's use the GEH interface this time:
Here's a post from Sladys. Note the current image view has nothing visible about decorations. The reason is because the website actually rips apart the URL into relevant bits of information and just uses the bits to display the image. HOWEVER, click on the 'View in Google Maps' because the original URL is stored there. Voila! You will now see the original picture sladys was talking about!

Exactly as I've talked about before, you can continue to move around in that imagery using the arrows. If you want to switch back to new imagery, just drag the Pegman.

There is probably other imagery in the US other than Texas that has this sort of thing. However, ALL of the update in New Zealand earlier this week has this feature.

Curious, isn't it? For me the most interesting thing is that you can continue to move around in the imagery once you've used an old URL. It looks as though they only need to add a widget to the URL to let you swap back and forth without dragging the Pegman and it would be complete.

How is this working?
It's the 'panoid' in the URL that is the key to this. This is a reference to a specific panorama. Each ID links to other images specifically, which is why you stay inside one image set. The Pegman always works to the newest imagery, which is why it pulls you out of the older imagery.

Previously the older panorama images were removed when new ones were put into place. Sometime very recently, this year probably, they stopped removing the old images. This is why I am thinking they are in the process of a change to the Street View interface to let us view older images.

It's just a guess of mine until they make an announcement of course, but it's something interesting to consider.