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Thread: Blacked-out area in Coral Sea

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    Default Blacked-out area in Coral Sea

    Most areas blurred or blacked-out in GE are for security reasons. But here's a stumper: I discovered a blacked-out area in the Coral Sea between the Chesterman Islands atoll group and New Caledonia. Coordinates are approximately

    19░ 6'3.32"S, 159░56'34.81"E

    What's even more curious is the citation I found on that says the place "doesn't exist" :

    An Australian yacht racer I dredged up told me that the Chesterfield area is in dispute between France and Australia, but I have no other information. The nautical chart is hard to come by ($$$). Anyone have any ideas as to what's being hidden here?
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    It's not blacked out, you are just seeing a very low resolution area with an aerial/satellite image on the south part of it.
    Matt Fox

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    It's blacked out in Google Maps too, in map mode.

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    Default Sandy Island

    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    It's blacked out in Google Maps too, in map mode.
    It's blacked out in real life too!


    While the Guardian newspaper is famous for typographical errors they are also famous for getting most of their stories correct. So, no Sandy Island! The real joke is that Google Earth shows an island outline and that there are copious photographs of other places dotted all over it! This is probably one of Google's best cock-ups of all time!

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    Default guardian famous for typos

    is the guardian famous for typos?

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    perceive nothing but the black text only

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