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Thread: Underground (Military?) Installation in Saudi Arabia

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    Default Underground (Military?) Installation in Saudi Arabia

    Latitude: 31.036279░
    Longitude: 40.849554░

    Northwest of Arar, along the border, there is this sizable tunnel going into the Earth. Whatever it is, its a big deal, as seen from the kilometer long structure immediately to the south. Curiously, most of the houses in at least a twenty kilometer area were clearly torched shortly before the image was taken in mid-2010. Evidence of fire damage can be seen at thousands of civilian homes, suggesting that something pretty serious happened in this area, and perhaps the mystery tunnel has something to do with all of these torched buildings.

    Let me know what you think!

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    Interesting. Looks like craters, or something like that. There are radiating scorch marks around them. Yeah, everything is torched in that area. You don't think that, maybe all that is something left over from the Iraq war, maybe?? It definitely looks Military, but then again, everything is Military over there.

    Haven't got a clue what that thing is that looks like a Tunnel?


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    Not sure about tunnel, but the long concrete structure is clearly a dam. You can even see spillway at south end of the dam.

    Houses are not burned. The brown discoloration on ground near the houses is from their animals eating and pooing.
    Matt Fox

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