Hi, this isn't a google earth specific problem, but you guys may be able to help! I recorded a track on my gps, and when I got home I edited it in memory map, I split the track to delete some unneeded sections. I then opened the gpx file in earth, and found that even though it zoomed to the right place, the track was invisible. I then tried opening it again, this time with kml linestrings checked, the track was visible, although there is no option to change the icon, and there is no time data, although I can still see elevation and total distance.

I opened the edited track in notepad, and also another of my tracks to compare them. The edited track text is much shorter and seems really simplified compared to the other track.

The kml linestrings option is ok except I really need to be able to assign an icon to the track. Its there any way of turning this track into a normal one like my other tracks, or somehow creating a fully working track out of the bare coordinates?