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Thread: Incorrect Streetview Image

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    Default Incorrect Streetview Image

    Look at this file I just added:

    The google maps link is:,,2,-16.1&z=18

    But when adding it to the site, the site chooses a different image to display (the one under the bridge). The link works in google maps, but not here.

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    The only place on GE that I can see the plane is under the flyover.

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    Yes, because that's the way this website chooses to display images. Click the 'view in Google Maps' and it will display correctly, as you noted.

    This is the same mechanism I explained about the historical imagery showing up in Street View. If there is a URL used to show the image and it has 'panoid' as one of the attributes, you are specifying a precise image you want to see. In this case it will show the image you want that is also current. That is why the URL works and why the 'show in Google Maps' link works. (since it uses the URL) The website, however, takes the latitude and longitude and lets Google Maps do a 'find nearest' calculation. This leads to situations like this where two images are basically in the same location on crossing paths where it will pick the wrong one. There's no fix for this except to have Mickey reprogram how the website displays those, and I don't think he has the time.

    By the way, the highway images in Poland aren't misplaced. I put a note on it to explain why.

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