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    Default Streetview in Flight discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    Streetview in Flight

    This file is a collection of air transportation in streetview, including helicopters (military and civilian), airplanes (military and civilian), and aerostats. Each find is coded by color and icon type.

    Each find can be viewed directly within Google Earth (version 6+) or viewed in Google Maps with a direct link from within the placemark.

    Note: Google Earth, so far, does not save the zoom level of a street view fin, so some finds may need to be zoomed in on Google Earth. Their proper zoom level is saved on Google Maps, so if you cannot see it on Google Earth, it should be visible on Google Maps. If not; the image is outdated, and it would be awesome if you could inform me of it.

    Most Recent Update: September 15th, 2013

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