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Thread: I've found this on the internett

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    Smile I've found this on the internett

    When i was looking at google earth locations i found this ufo.
    Here is the coordination: 37 18 19N 116 28 21W
    It does look real.
    I don't know if it's posted before because i didn't find it.

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    Default Not a UFO!

    Using the time slider shows this to be a static feature.

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    If you're interested in what the place is, it's "Colby" - one of the Operation Anvil nuclear test sites, which was an underground test on March 14, 1976.

    It has a "shadow" (see below) and is circular, about 28 feet across.

    Opening the Gallery layer you get a few GEC (Google Earth Community) responses:

    "This cannot be a UFO, for two reasons: first, the black circular "shadow" is located to the SW of the white object. As we learned in high school science class, hopefully, the Earth is tilted in it's orbit by 23.44 degrees. This means that the sun never casts a shadow Southward at any point North of 23.44 degrees latitude, the Tropic of Cancer. The location in question has a latitude of 37.31N, well North of the Tropic of Cancer, ergo, the sun can never cast a shadow Southward of any object at this latitude. From this bit of information, we can conclude that whatever the black circular object is, it is NOT the shadow of the white circular object." -Markopolo

    "My own personal guess is that these are two separate piles of powdery or granular construction or drilling materials. There are extensive construction and drilling sites at the NTS facility, and there are several similar piles of materials around the facility. Browse around yourself, you can find them if you look." -Markopolo

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    Default underground site

    This 37°18'51.34" N 116°28'21.35" W looks like a caved in bunker or underground site.

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    According to the Community layer this is the site of the underground nuclear test Kernville.

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