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Thread: Anomalies Found in the Egyptian Desert

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    Default Anomalies Found in the Egyptian Desert

    Hi everyone, I’m MsDaisy and I found this forum while trying to find information on some unusual formations I discovered in the desert in Egypt. I’ve always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt and dreamed (even as a child) of becoming a (yea right) famous archaeologist. But what I have become since I started playing with Google Earth is more of an Armchair Archaeologist.

    There are many unusual things I’ve run across, some I’ve been able to explain, and some I haven’t. My most recent curiosity is a series of triangular shaped formations in the desert southeast of the Medium Pyramid on the eastern side of the Nile.

    The first one I found is located here:

    Marker 1.kmz

    At first I thought it was just an unusual land formation, and it very well could be. But in adjusting and rotating the view it just gets more interesting.

    From the top view on GE it appears as a triangle with a half moon shape at the top, and appears to have two smaller triangles in the center with a divot of some sort in the center of that.

    A bit farther to the southeast I discovered an even stranger looking triangle, here:

    Marker 2.kmz

    This one has three divots that form a perfect triangle on the top. Here is a photo of this one.

    Triangle 11.jpg

    I have more, but will post this bit first and see if I'm doing this right. (Being a new poster and all)
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