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Thread: Extract whole 3D area from Google Earth

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    Default Extract whole 3D area from Google Earth

    Hi guys! Actually i'm working on an area near Amsterdam, and i was wondering if it is possible to extract/export an entire area with terrain and 3d objects from google earth to a 3d file like .dae .collada etc
    I think Earth saves temporary files because you can see 3d buildings also in offline mode. Also some buildings are not downloadable like others... why?

    It would be very useful to my work!

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    I've never had a shot at it, but I'd imagine running GE in DirectX mode, and then using a program such as 3DRipperDX to extract the meshes might work, it works for a lot of games, but there's no reason it shouldn't work for Google Earth. Alternatively, if the models for Amsterdam are like most cities, and available to download from the 3DWarehouse, then you could download each individual building in the area, merge them into one scene in SketchUp, and then import the terrain mesh from Google Earth. However, either way you do it, especially the method using 3DRipper, there's potential copyright issues, I'd look into that before publishing whatever project you're working on.
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