I recently uploaded some related files that were not approved with the suggestion that I combine them. There are a couple of problems with the suggestion. First, I had plans to upload more related files but I don't have them all ready right now and there is a timing issue in that the events they cover are coming up in the next year. Part of my plan was to get them uploaded and approved in a timely manner so that they would be available before each event. For my own curiosity, I also wanted to see if there was any sort of increased interest over the year as more of the files became available. Second, if I had all the files ready and combined them it would be a file of about 1mb in size which is fairly large for GE and files of that size often cause problems when loaded, especially if someone wanted to use them with Google Maps. So now, due to this decision, I won't be uploading any of the files which only seems to be a detriment to your users and the site.