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Thread: what are these things?

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    Default what are these things?

    What are we testing here: 38°19'21.94" N 116°16'37.14" W

    Hidden buildings: 37°23'17.39" N 116°12'30.27" W
    by an air field; 37°24'16.20" N 116°14'13.80" W

    Train: 37°25'12.14" N 116°51'56.25" W next to I don't know what; 37°25'38.09" N 116°51'22.36" W surrounded by holes??? 37°26'29.77" N 116°50'45.12" W

    What's this: 37°45'07.41" N 116°38'58.78" W

    I have a few more questions ....

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    These are among others training sites replicas of former Soviet and German Democratic Republic (GDR) airbases in the GDR. All installations of the huge bombing area.

    The sites looking like airbases are replicas of Altenburg Air Base and Jüterbog / Altes Lager Airfield in Germany, former GDR.
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    Default What's this?

    This is the Nellis range area. Some designs are to test high altitude cameras, some are bombing ranges and God knows what else.

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