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Thread: 342-foot tsunami found in Google Earth

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    Default 342-foot tsunami found in Google Earth

    This Google Earth KMZ movie and KML file will enable you to climb a series of waves I discovered in a channel near Isla Ogla off the Strait of Magellan in Tierra del Fugo that was captured by a satellite on December 31, 1969.

    The path shown in the movie begins with a 90+ foot high wave, then another 90, then drops down to 59 feet, which I later discovered is over land. You then pass over a long stretch where the water level is a consistent 90 to 100 feet. 30-minutes in you will climb a 342-foot wave, then pass over ice until you drop under the ice shelf and return as close as I could get to the wave undersea. At that point you see an approximately 20-foot high mound on a flat sea floor directly under the 342-foot wave. You can use the slider bar to speed up the movie, but be sure to pay attention to the elevation and sea level numbers at the bottom right of your screen. Otherwise you may miss exactly how high you are climbing.

    For a complete breakdown of how I found it, complete with images, go to my MyReadingMapped blog article "342-foot tsunami found in Google Earth."
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