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Thread: Editing KML/KMZ file in realtime...

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    Default Editing KML/KMZ file in realtime...

    I am a new to your discussion, so I hope this is the forum I can get an answer. I have create a couple 3D models that have been excepted on Google Earth. Now I would like to create a tour of the models. I already created one tour in which I had to edit for it to be a little smoother than what Google tour put out.

    But, editing KML/KMZ is tedious work. I would like to be a little more precise in moving from model to model and circling around the models and not have to figure out the coordinates manually.

    Anyone know of any tools or apps available to help create smoother and more precise GE tours? I have tried KML Builder, but it has a number of issues that I haven't figured out yet. I really would like something that look and feels like a video editor or something... maybe that is asking for a lot at this time..
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