MyReadingMapped has Google Maps, and Google Earth KML files, of hundreds of locations of ancient ruins. Unlike a lot of the coordinates you will find one at a time on Wikipedia, these Google Maps have over 100 locations in each map, and actually pin point (hit) the actual ruin so that it can be zoomed in on close. Many of these structures are rendered in Google Earth so using the associated KML, you can acquire within the Google Map, you can digitally walk around those that are rendered in 3D.

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  • Aztec, Egyptian, Inca, Mayan and Chinese Pyramids
  • Ancient and Other Ruins of Africa, Asia, Europe, South & Central America, United States
  • Ancient Lost Cities
  • MNN's 12 Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities
  • American Ghost Towns and Ghost Towns of Asia
  • Cities of the Dead
  • The Oldest Lighthouses: Aged Protectors of Globalization
  • Classic European Castles
  • Royal Palaces

Ruins of the United States

Ruins of South and Central America

Ruins of Europe

Aztec, Egyptian, Inca, Mayan and Chinese Pyramids