So you think you're good at racing video games, but are your ready for a Google Street Road Rally out on some real roads and traffic? Get from Start to Finish any way you can as long as its a Google Street. Its not as easy as you think because this is no closed course racing track. You better get your instructions printed out first, because once on the Street you got no GPS to find your way.

In Game 1, take Jake and Elmo to the Cook County Clerk's Office.

In Game 2, get the mayor from Yankee Stadium to Shea Stadium on opening day.

In Game 3, you must to make it from the Watergate complex to the Ronald Reagan Airport before the FBI catches up with you.

In Game 4, you get to do some mountain driving over the twists and turns of San Francisco's Twin Peaks.

In Game 5, seek out Quasimodo the bell ringer to find Esmeralda, and take her to the Eiffel Tower and Petit Parc in Versailles.

If you want to play one of the five games, you must play it in Google Map. While the embedded game (#1) shown above, that appears on my blog page, is playable on my site, it is not as easily controlled as in Google Map. So,you need to follow some specific instructions on how to do it in Google Map. So, click here for the instructions.

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