Hello Folks,

I am hoping someone here can help me with what appears to be a relatively simple task but one I want to get as accurate as possible.

In doing some genealogical research, I've discovered that one of my ancestors was killed in World War I. Through the use of documents I was given by the National Archives I am fairly confident that I can narrow down the spot where he was killed to within a 10-100 yard area. I have in my possession the "grave location blank" that showed the coordinates (on a specific map) of where he was originally buried (and I assume killed) and have recently been sent a copy of the relevant map (warning: large file).

Some friends who have been helping me with my research have done a pretty good job of stretching the map over the proper area in GE and nailing down the coordinates, but I wonder if there is anyone here who can get a close to exact match between the WWI map and the GE terrain.

Thanks for your time,

PS: If anyone is willing to take on this task, please don't feel obligated to do the whole Verdun A map. The only section that is relevant to my interests is the top left square with the Bois du Chene Sec.