I am trying to bring a large lattice or grid into Google Earth. Ideally I would like a grid that is approx 300m squared that is also large enough to cover a country like South Africa and that can be brought back into a GIS program.

There are a few options for creating grids outside of GIS which have not worked: http://www.sgrillo.net/googleearth/gepath.htm is a nice option but it does not work for Google Earth 7.1 (Sgrillo indicated to me he would not update its intended version from 6 to 7), http://www.earthpoint.us/Grids.aspx is another option but it costs $50/person/year and I don't believe it can be exported into a GIS format, other previous discussions have linked to grids created into SketchUp but I believe the extent of the grid I need is too large for SketchUp.

I have also tried creating the grid in ArcGIS, using the Fishnet tool. This works and I can bring it into GE. However, the gridlines disappear as you zoom in & around the map. Some of the gridlines are obscured by topography, but the majority of the gridlines disappear for no good reason. They tend to get erased from the edge of the grid inward.

Can anyone suggest another option for creating a grid in Google Earth, or why my grids from GIS may disappear as I navigate around the map?


ps. Another option could be to use the "View Gridlines" in Google Earth but to force them to be a set distance and not change while you zoom in/around the map. Is this possible?