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Thread: Two Aero S-103 (MiG-15bis) at Roudnice discussion

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    Default Two Aero S-103 (MiG-15bis) at Roudnice discussion

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    Two Aero S-103 (MiG-15bis) at Roudnice

    The USSR built around 12,000 MiG-15s in all variants. It was also built under license in Czechoslovakia (as the S-102 and S-103) and Poland (as the Lim-1 and Lim-2 and biplace SB Lim-1 and SB Lim-2).

    Registration: 3775

    Serial: 623775

    MiG-15 from 8th production batch of versions "bis". On 13th September 1956 was assigned to 9. slp (fighter air regiment) at Bechyne AFB. Decommissioned was in 1968.

    Registration: 3839

    Serial: 623839

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