Google Earth gives you many attractive features such as 3D viewing mode , but not everyone is aware of a few other features so much more attractive . Below are 5 selected features of Google Earth you can explore it.

You can explore the mountains , plan a river expedition around or search for distant galaxies in the sky . All the articles on Google Earth below you hope to bring to an approach to this goal much closer .

Explore the history and civilization

Google Earth can give you the information society and the development of the world's population . Through this tool on the Historical Imagery (accessed under the View > Historical Imagery ) you can get a slider in the upper left corner of the screen shows the range of the population from the current date back to the late 1990s .

This is a really fascinating stuff if you want to see what changes are taking place in communities where the population is not only architecture , or the belt detail often overlooked in statistical tables within this time . You can see the amount of time that the new buildings springing up around the area you live , there may be a bush before construction commenced .

In near urban areas or suburbs of a city especially you can see more dramatic changes . The whole subdivision exists today is not real on the old satellite images . New buildings , shops and commercial shopping center will disappear when your entire back time more than a decade . It is attractive to you may choose any location on Earth , thanks to Google Earth and you can travel back time to see these changes happen at that location .

The change of sunlight

Another interesting tool is the Sun is found in the View > Sun . This tool allows you to get a slider left of the screen layout for how to slide to the left you can see the time change rather than the change in the day . When you do this , you can see the sunset and sunrise happening how . You will see the shadows slowly disappear as the sun appeared on the horizon and the light will illuminate the entire area.

This is probably a good choice for hunters , fishermen to be able to use it to calculate the time of sunrise and sunset in a certain period of the year as part of the world . All will be in your arms .

Not only that , you can see the direction of the sun , where it first touches the tree , and where the valley at sunset and sunrise , the scene is very beautiful . This will help you might consider building or buying a home to choose where to get the projector to light , so you can catch the dawn light of the sun when it rises or sunset when it diving . If your current home is the place to welcome the sunlight and dawn diving sightseeing , try Google Earth to know where you will see it appear on here .

Calculate the exact distance

An online map provides you with the ability to determine the distance but in general it's just the way the basic terms , not clearly defined than the track , on the road so cornering precision is not high compared to Google Earth thanks based on real satellite maps and more carefully calculated . In Google Earth , you can do this by going to Tools - > Ruler .

When you see the cross appears, simply click the locations planned route starts moving , then click on predetermined intervals along the way . Route path will provide you the exact distance away , so you can track the curves of each glide path angle for the best travel plans . When you go , navigation tool will show you the exact length of the trip.

Share with friends watching the scene

You can fly around a certain mountain , where you have to go through or are planning to play . The index is very attractive display based on digital formats . When you are enjoying this scene you can send an email to your friends to share comments by going to File > Email , you can immediately send a snapshot to a friend via email .

The sharing of emails is available in Google Earth is a thing of the proceeds to the user, can be used from any time when you are " traveling " on Google Earth . It also has a tool called Record Tour will basically allow you to go back to the video that you are seeing on Google Earth when discovered , this would essentially create a picture for your tour , his friends and family .

Exploring the Universe

Finally , if you are a popular astronomy or are looking to get familiar with this discipline , please go to View > Starts , here you have an extremely attractive option is the Sky .

With Sky option , you can look up at the sky on Google Earth rather than looking down at the ground. This is the same as you see a virtual star in the virtual world , you can move around in the sky like normal and can move around the Earth to zoom and double galaxies that you seen.

You can see pictures of the actual space scientists from NASA and our name will be labeled on the screen . The application provides a whole new meaning to the concept as well as astronomical telescopes , where you can find anything you like based on the category details .