1 What is Green who is in the ground and be in the black market and be browned in the house?

2 What is the thing that he does not bite Dental . ?

3 What is the thing that exists in the center of Paris ?

4 What is the thing that has four legs and can not walk?

5 What is the thing that beats heartless ?

6 What is the thing that walking and standing and has no legs ?

7 We are four brothers, and our top one ?

8 of Khal is only for the children of your aunt ?

9 What is the thing you hear without an ear and speak without tongue ?

10 total holes and with that save water?

11 What if the thing that touched a hoot ?

12 see everything and do not have eyes , what are they?

13 What is the thing that century it once and twice a minute , but not in time ?

14 mobile holder and half and half dry flakes what is it?

15 workers home without Brick , and done out white as snow , no windows nor doors , walls , if attracted , became clothed , what is it?

16 If a person has one eye , the percentage of the lost sight of it?

17 of the lion is the mother ?

18 whether the sister or aunt uncle ? It be?

19 Is it lawful for a man to marry his widow 's sister ?

20 What is the thing that does not speak ?

21 What is the thing that Ikrsk and not see it ?


1 tea
2 comb
3 symbols Alra
4 chair
5 pm
6 clouds
7 man the desk
8 dad
9 Phone
10 sponge
11 Bell
12 women
13 pollinator
14 ship
15 silkworm
16 half a third five
17 or Eagle
18 mother
19 means the presence of the widow and the pair rolls
20 Hour
21 hunge