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Thread: Gonaives Floods discussion

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    Default Gonaives Floods discussion

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    Gonaives Floods

    A view of the destruction in Gonaives, Haiti after Tropical Storm Jeanne flooded the area in September 2004. Many areas are still flooded, and the erosion effects are very visible. Many people lost their lives in this catastrophe.

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    Thanks for making us stop and think for a moment.
    I have just been to Haiti. The poverty is really incredible.

    I have uploaded the "Before" overlay, if anyone who wants to compare....

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    Default Thanks for the overlay!

    I stayed in Haiti for two months in 2000. The poverty there is unbelievable. Thanks for making that overlay! It is amazing that it seems to not look much better before the floods! The deforestation there has not only promoted erosion and flooding, but it has changed the climate. Now what used to be a rainforest goes through dry spells and mass erosion. That country needs some serious help.


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