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Thread: SWF Overlays?

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    Default SWF Overlays?

    Does anyone know if you can use an swf as an overlay? It would be really cool for GEWar, to have a simulation of things like armies in battle.

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    I think the limitations are to Image files.. you might have to settle for an animated gif or png I'm not even sure in animated images will play..


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    Quote Originally Posted by araT
    I'm not even sure in animated images will play..
    Nope, they won't. They just show the first frame of the image.

    The closest to an animation I've seen is a clock someone had built. It was a network link with a refresh time of 1 second, so it sort of looked like it had animation.

    I would think one of the next few updates will at least allow for animated .gifs, but I have no idea...

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