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Thread: my saved place marks aren't clear anymore 10 days later.?

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    Default my saved place marks aren't clear anymore 10 days later.?

    some of my placemarks i had posted earlier this month, when I go back today the area is not the same resolution, and therefore the images are crap..

    I even waited a number of seconds ( one minute and still no )., then I checked some of my more recent postmarks and they are clear..,,

    Does Google earth redo their format ??and their images daily/weekly ?and therefore your saved bookmarks are a waste of time.
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    Google updates their image database at regular intervals (18 months I've read). Lower quality images are then replaced by higher resolution images. If the placemarks refer to transient objects (cars, planes, boats, etc), the new image will most likely not contain them as the photo would be taken at a different date and time. I recommend putting these types of placemarks in a separate folder ("transients") so you know that they might be worthless over time.


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