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Thread: Global cloud map discussion

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    Default Needs improvement

    The overlay needs to be refitted (it can be several 10's of miles apart in some locations). Other then that it's a very good idea.

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    Default How to get into properties?

    How do I get into the properties in order to install the 'fix'? My Earth turns white after the upgrade, but there's a way of fixing that- but I don't know how to use the URL. Just recently discovered Google Earth... Rookie...

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    Default Great idea, but... does not work. I downloaded the orginal in the first post, and it gave a photo in which there wasn't a cloud within a thousand miles of me, literally. I look out the window and it's overcast. I download the version in the next post and I get nothing. I re-download the original and replace the URL as stated later in the thread, but that won't work, either.

    This would be pretty cool.

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