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Thread: Melbourne Cricket Club, Melbourne, Australia discussion

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    Default Melbourne Cricket Club, Melbourne, Australia discussion

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    Melbourne Cricket Club, Melbourne, Australia

    The finals of Aussie Rules football is in the month of September. To date though five states play the game. The grand final is always played here in Melbourne, Victoria at the Melbourne Cricket Club.

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    Exclamation Not the MCG

    Sorry, not even close. That's Optus Oval - the former home ground of the Carlton Football Club. If you zoom right in, you can see the 'yes Optus' logo on the stands.

    Unfortunately the MCG doesn't have a high-resolution image of it or the surrounding area yet.

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    Unhappy Oops!

    Oops, my mistake. I'm an Adelaide boy, we think it's crook that the grand final is in Melbourne anyway considering last years grand final between Port and Brisbane
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    File info updated - thanks for pointing this out


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