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Thread: New Google Earth Update Available - 3.0.0548

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    Default New Google Earth Update Available - 3.0.0548

    Another updated version of Google Earth has been released!

    For Google Earth Free or Plus:

    For Google Earth Pro:

    The changes:

    Bug fixes
    - overview window no longer fuzzy, will fetch as needed
    - several rare crashes, mostly with bad graphics drivers
    - direct URL links to KMZ files in description balloon now work (KML already did)
    - custom icons no longer require the size be input, it defaults to the extents of the image
    - IMG SRC local image files were not being zipped into kmz (0464 regression, now fixed)
    - balloon now resizes to match image width
    - hyperlinks in were misleading and have been disabled
    - obscure bug in Intel jpg library failed on some AMD processors, updated library fixes problem (this showed up as "zebra-like stripes")
    [ NOTE: "Share with Google Earth Community" still only works with IE... we'll have to fix this in the next one ]

    Cosmetic Change
    Installing Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer has been added as an option at the end of the Google Earth install or upgrade. You'll only be asked once and only if IE is your default browser and you don't already have Toolbar installed.


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