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Thread: The issue of real money

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    indeed thats insane.. paying players should have an advantage, and a world with only paying players would give no advantage.

    No-one is saying this game will be impossible to play unless paying or something, almost all internet games have an option to pay for bonusses.
    The game should remain equally fun if everything goes right..

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    I think the issue here is not necessarily players paying but a need for cash to help Mickey in 'out of pocket' expenses incurred in running the site and the game.

    I for one would probably not pay to play or make a donation even if it did mean special privileges. (That’s not to cast any aspersions on the game it’s just a measure of my own level of dedication).

    I would not however, be averse to seeing more advertising on the site. I know some sites go overboard in an attempt to generate revenue but as that’s not the purpose here I think advertising is the way to go.

    I’ve noticed on the main site there are several ‘Google Ads’ that are discreet and well placed. Maybe more of the same in other areas could generate an income.

    And I think it’s important to remember, any ads on the site would be to sustain rather than enrich therefore we all benefit from their presence…

    By the way… how do Google Ads work… does the site holder receive a return only when the link is clicked on… If this is the case I propose we all make a conscious effort to click at least five a day when using the site to generate more cash!!!
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    I tried Ads on my site and it didn't work. Tried dozens of companys but as long as people don't click on the ads, I make no money. And we're talking about thousands of people that need to click on it or become member of something.
    And we all know we don't want pop-ups here.

    So my guess is ads are not really an option. I've heard from so many people here that were willing to donate something.
    The game remains playable without paying also.
    There would just be a little bonus for paying players.

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