Geos aside, I'm looking for suggestions as to how this game could generate a little bit of real cash. I'm not looking to become a millionaire (although I wouldn't mind... ), but I'm already looking at needing another server to help support the game if it keeps growing at it's current rate.

A few thoughts I have already:

- Not based on donations. While that would help, I'd hate to be constantly begging for money.
- No required fee. That would essentially kill the game. It's fun, but I doubt many people would pay to play.
- Ads wouldn't really work. The ads on the main GEH site help a bit, but they wouldn't work too well in GEwar. For one thing, I'll be pushing more and more toward a GE only interface (no web required). Also, banner ads don't do well on online games, due to the very high pageview/visitor ratio.

So what's that leave? I'm not sure. I'd love to develop something where people would want to pay a small fee ($5/month? $20/year?) to play, but people wouldn't be forced to pay.

We've got time to work this out, but I'm just trying to look toward the future and I can't quite see it...