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as you do these,google company will ask you to paid them
Google is making a good bit off the ads on the main site, I'm sure.

Place the name 'donor' or something between tags after their name.
I was thinking about that - should it be private or public information? If it's public, it might make you more of a target. Still, I would want to reward people who contribute so I don't know...

vBulletin (this message board software) has some great built-in tools for handling subscriptions through PayPal. The way I'd like to do it is create a special usergroup on the boards ("paid gewar players" or something) which vBulletin will assign to you if you've paid. Then, in the game, I can simply check to see if you're a member of that group or not and allow certain privledges if you are.

Again, this is some distance away, but I appreicate all of the input so far.