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Firstly I read a lot of talk about one guy winning the game.
To my opinion the game has been set up to be everlasting.
How can you have a winner with so many people in the game?
Eventually even if there was a guy who would own every city, he'd lose some.

How about if the bank is something you can really work for.
Like if you have 10.000Geo's in the bank, your interest is slightly upgraded?
I know it has his problems because big guys would only get bigger... but at least you have something to work for and the smaller guys have to do some hard work too.

That way, one bank account for an alliance would have use as you would reach the limit for an interest upgrade faster.
An official alliance does have his use as you can never accidently attack an army. If the alliance gets big it might sometimes be hard to remember the small guys in it. If instead of one gree tent we could choose a symbol and color it would already be easier. And the symbol and color could also be shown at an occupied city.
Or am I asking wayyy too much now?
I know you are right. A "real" allaince is the better way. I still think the allaince accout would work but I am not the one to do the computer thingy. Why are right so many times. How old are you? No dont tell me then I will feel stupid.

Dont you say anything WP. I dont need to be killed twice.