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Thread: Airstikes and Terrorism

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    How about having cities that start with low grade AA-guns, and have the option to upgrade them

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    How about if after you purchased the planes, every airstrike would cost you 50Geo's?
    It wouldn't be cheap to airstrike a well defended city to death. But it still would be handy for intercepting incoming armies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey
    So let's expand on airstrikes a bit. How would they work?

    - Buy a group of planes for a strike.
    - They travel much faster than armies.
    - They can't capture cities.
    - I suppose they must be able to be killed, but how?
    No standing air forces?

    Whatever comes of it, they should be a lot more expensive to maintain in preparedness. And operating expenses should make armies look like a free ride.

    Nukes, eventually, should be an astronomical expense.

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    Default Nukes and air force

    Nukes are currently too inexpensive. At this stage they should be a minimum of 1000 GEOS---this would limit their indiscriminate use.

    Additionally, nuke shields should be non-transferable and single use items. If a city is abandoned or conquered the existing shield should disappear. This would encourage protection of limited number of cities. Make shields expensive also.

    If an Air Force is incorporated into the game, consider air transport of troops/armies rather than as a first strike capability. I like the current means of attack---ground troops.

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    Default airstrikes

    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey
    You could have like a automatic airstrike that scans the area of the base when a plane comes it shoots missles.

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