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    Default Germany votes

    Anyone watched the German election? What's your opionion about it?

    I'm absolutely shocked about the result. I can't believe that SPD got that much votes. Especially after Mr. Schroeder being that impolite and rude in TV right after the elections at the traditonal talk (read a translated version of the SPIEGEL article here).

    In my opinion CDU should have made it. Then they were to group up with only FDP which makes a reasonable coalition. Now there are only two options left:
    • Big Coalition: CDU/CSU + SPD with FDP, Grüne and Linke in opposition
    • Black Traffic Light / Jamaica Coalition: CDU/CSU + FDP + Grüne with SPD and Linke in opposition

    I prefer the second one. What do you think? I'm interested in how the Germans here and also the people from all over the world think about the election.

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