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    I think it would be really cool if random weather could be added, like hurricanes that kill armies on costal cities, tornadoes that could cut cotten production, or sand storms that could cut oil production
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    As long as they're derived from real-world data hosted by someone adding value to GE, I agree.

    Mickey's already found out that it's impossible to tie into anything in a Google layer. However, more third parties are hosting data files every week, and I'd imagine weather data (along with earthquake data -- hey, that's a fresh idea no one's thought of before ;-) is available in some usable form.

    The trick here is to include real-world data so that the REAL WORLD ITSELF becomes a factor in the game. If you think global warming is a reality, you could plan accordingly, when the day comes that Mickey has crops vulnerable to droughts and flooding. And so forth.

    It would be scandalously insane if Mickey took on modeling all kinds of natural phenomena in an application that showcases such real-world data integration as part of what makes it so cool.

    Mickey, though, is cool. ;-)

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