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Thread: Car being towed discussion

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    Default Car being towed discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    Car being towed
    Tow-truck and it's payload.

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    Default Is this Hack really forbidden?

    I just wann know f this Hack is really forbidden. And if it is, what can happen to me, cause I┤m just a lil bit scared about the description.

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    What is your point??

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    Quote Originally Posted by War_Peace
    What is your point??
    I had to edit the original file because it was inaccurately described/named. The original posting mentioned something about police bribery (???)...but it really didn't make any sense as this image is clearly just a tow truck towing a vehicle down the road.
    So I have no idea what Big$moke was asking or trying to say...though I'm wondering if his post was meant for another thread.

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