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Thread: Wierd-sized soccer pitch discussion

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    Default Wierd-sized soccer pitch discussion

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    Wierd-sized soccer pitch

    The problem with this soccer pitch in El Paso, Texas, is that it's very long and very narrow... (110m x 50m / 120yrd x 55 yrd)

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    The length of the rectangular field (pitch) specified for international adult matches is in the range 100-110 m (110-120 yards) and the width is in the range 65-75 m (70-80 yards). Fields for non-international matches may be 100-130 yards length and 50-100 yards in width.
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    Maybe it is so long because it was intended for American football and then they decided to convert it to a soccer pitch. I've never seen a soccer field with such dimensions. Too much running...

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    Don't they run in American football

    The length of a normal field must be between 90m and 120m (98.4yd - 131.2yd) and the width between 45m and 90m (49.2yd - 98.4yd).
    For international matches the length must be between 100m and 110m (109.3yd - 120.3yd) and the width between 64m and 75m (70yd - 82yd).

    The field is good for a normal match, but not for an international one.

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    It was most defintly a former American football field 120yds x 55yds. are the exact dimesions of our fields. Most liekly it was taken during soccer season not football season, so the field is painted like it is.
    Yes they run in our football too, usually it's with a lot more load on them though.
    Basically, it's a borrowed field, most High school fields have a track around them also.
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    Here's a non-standard one in Germany, dimensions: 82m x 52m.
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