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Thread: Google + NASA = Google Galaxy?

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    Exclamation Google + NASA = Google Galaxy?

    Google, NASA to Work Together
    Date: 10/6/2005

    (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Search engine Google ( announced on Friday it plans to work with NASA on a variety of research and development activities relating to supercomputing and nanotechnology.

    The two organizations have signed a memorandum of understanding that details plans for cooperation in a variety of areas, including supercomputing and "bio-info-nano convergence," which combines the research areas of biological, information and nanotechnology to produce new materials. Google also plans to build an office, set to be "up to one million square feet" in size, in the NASA Research Park at Moffett Field.

    "Imagine having a wide selection of images from the Apollo space mission at your fingertips whenever you want it," says Eric Schmidt, Google CEO. "That's just one small example of how this collaboration could help broaden technology's role in making the world a better place."

    Another technology that is speculated to be developed is a Google Earth extension that includes other planets, or even the entire solar system.

    Could this mean Google Galaxy?
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