ok this is regarding the post i made on saturday, now why am i an idiot for posting crap on her like that. The forum is where any one can post anything they want, what happened to freedom of speech. The other thing why is it that just because i was attacking london does everyone presume that i thought it would be funny to attack the same place after 7/7 atacks. The fact was that London was the closest city to my homebase justifies the fact that i attacked it had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks. And if i wanted to attack with all my troops to get rid of them why not?
This just shows that you are so addicted to this crap game that you link it to the real world to much. The only connection is the name places and their locations that's it.
finally i didn't even say something like go fu*k the rest of you when i left i left sensibly just leaving a simple note with no harsh language.

mickey: why am i an idiot and why was i banned, please if you have a justifiabe reason please post it