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Thread: Interesting Different coloured roofs in Pyongyang, N. Korea discussion

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    Default Interesting Different coloured roofs in Pyongyang, N. Korea discussion

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    Interesting Different coloured roofs in Pyongyang, N. Korea

    A quirk on the map I found, and I think is intersting is there are blue, green and red coloured roofs around the city, I believe each one designated a function. They are all similar colours and are spread about the city.

    I think blue is Agruculture, Green is Military. Red I am not so sure.

    I know I haven't got them all so iIf you find any more that I don't have, please email them to me at and I'll add them in.

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    Why would building roofs be color-coded by function? I don't see how that would be helpful.

    The color blue is popular in South Korea, especially in buildings with tile or "faux" tile plastic/fiberglass roofs. The South Korean building housing the offices of the President is the "Blue House." My understanding is that this popularity has much to do with the perception in historical times of blue as the color of royalty. At one time only the nobility could afford cobalt - used to make the blue color in the tiles - and thus the color came to be associated with the priviliged class.

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    The color of the roofs could be related indirectly to the function of the building because different types of building materials are more likely to be used with different types of buildings. For example, government buildings are more likely to have tile roofs than a warehouse building, etc.


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