I'm starting a lotto. Tickets will be 1 geo, the pot starts at 20 geo's. Anyone interested please send me a PM with your number and 1 geo, Please provide your information in the private message (thats how im gonna keep track of your wagers) The number you pick can be any number between 1 and 42. The winning number will be determined wednesday and saturday nights at 11pm EST. I will be using the power ball number of the powerball drawing to determine the winner. If there is no winner, the pot will be rolled over to the next drawing. Anyone not in the US you can check the number at www.powerball.com. The winnings will be payed out prior to the next drawing. Please make sure to send a PM with your number dated prior to the drawing, Any bet made after 10:45 EST on the day of the drawing will be considered null and void and not refunded.

If there is any moderator issue with lotto, All bets will be refunded and lotto will cease.

If everything is ok, Good Luck and happy betting.

The first drawing will be this saturday