This reset thing is sure a big step for the game. First thing I and probably most of the users wonder would be how this will work exactly. We know that the resources/cities/armies will be reset. What about aliiances? What about home-bases?

I also wanted to form one thread for all the ideas/requests/demands about the "after-reset" game playing.

- Safe spots: I really think we should have those. Application: No attack in home-bases.

- Nuke shields: I am against Nukes and so no need for shields. I say "remove the nukes entirely"

- Selling armies/Transferring Geos: We haven't seen the first one but we all experienced the secound one. They work exactly the same way. Those provide Geos instantly which is no good. As in, "I need help. Send me Geos!" and then... Whoooop! Geos sent to the owner of a city which is in the other end of the world! I say: "If you have to stand for each other, do it by sending your armies"

- Resources: Users can be divided into two as "More Time Spenders" and "Less Time Spenders". We can also divide the users like "Jewel Hunting Lovers" and "Jewel Hunting Haters". I am one of the "More Time Spenders" which hates to hunt jewels! What I want to say is "Reward the users that has more time to play but do not let to form huge differences between the ones that hasn't got the time" I actually found a furmula which will make all of us happy. *Remove the Jewel Hunting* Instead, we can get "passive income" causing equality and importance for the role of strategy. For the "More Time Spenders" well/mine/field quotas can be reduced to 1-10 hours(not sure of the number) and last for shorter times. This way, everybody wins. Spend more time and get resources bu planting. Jewel hunting is an unlimited source and takes the fairness of the game away! If there is no way you remove it, then you should make it like 0.01Geos/Jewels. There are people(Yes, I am talking about you :P ) that love hunting jewels for what reason I don't know!! (Grrr...)
Anyhow, *Jewel Hunting* mustn't be a noteworthy way of income. Planting must be encouraged and rewarded more. Earning Geos by capturing(not occupy) cities and holding them(increasing earning) would also be nice.

- MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS: This one is the greatest issue! I did this. You did this! Others did this. If this thing can't be stopped, there is no fun for us...

So, this is all from me.