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Thread: Current Upload Approval Delays

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    Exclamation Current Upload Approval Delays

    Thursday, July 21, 13:40 MDT

    We currently have a backlog of over 100 files waiting to be approved. Mickey is out of town, so it is just myself and Fishbone doing the verifying, thumbnailing, and approving.

    We apologize for the delays, but it might be a day or two before we get things back to normal.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Update - 15:10 MDT

    I think I see what happened. I left for work about 8:30 this morning and there were eight files awaiting approval. When I logged on about 9:45 and saw scores of files in the 'submitted, not approved queue' I went slack jawed.

    Well, I'm guessing that everybody just decided today was the day to upload their favorite kmz or kml file.

    We are slowly catching up on the backlog.
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