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Thread: Reset!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey
    Actually, this should be less of a problem, but it might still get bad eventually. I've just adjusted them again so that they last for a much shorter period of time, but give out more stuff per day. This will mean that new spaces will be opening up all the time, and one person can't have more than a few of any one resource, due to the 36 hour time limit.

    They're on a sliding scale, based on many factors. Given your total value of over 20 million, they're worthless to you.

    For a newbie, they're worth 2 geos each. They become less and less valuable as you become larger and larger, in an effort to keep them as a newbie/rebuilding tool only and not a consistent source of income.

    Great start!! I feel the sliding scale for the JEWELS will be fair to all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey
    Of course, this means he's generating revenue from the city, though.

    I think the best strategy at this point would be to jewel hunt for a while, then grab a few big cities before you leave so you can generate that income in your sleep.


    Are you saying you actually SLEEP??? As much work as you have dedicated to the first beta, I doubt yo sleep much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jduddy
    Are you saying you actually SLEEP???
    Not as much as I'd like...

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    give me a great shock when I see my geos = zero... haha

    hope this time no more scripts runners... hehe

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