The bug that was costing all of the money has been corrected. Since we ALL were hit by it, I don't think I'm going to try to repay everyone individually. It's beta - sorry. However, I had the system change anyone's Geos that were negative to be an even 0, to start getting caught up. I know it's not perfectly fair, but I don't have time (or desire) to go through everyone one at a time and correct it.

The bug was quite simple, but took me a while to catch. On the financial info page it shows how much each troop costs. In the update script, it takes away 1/288th of that amount every update (which is every five minutes, or 288 times perday). I had done that correctly, but I had it take away the 1 Geo army cost EVERY time, rather than just 1/288th of it.

Anyhow, things should be good to go. Don't beg for more money back, because you won't get it. We all lost some, myself included.