Hey I saw there was a lotto but I decided to make another one except here is how it works. I will instead be using the california super lotto. You will have to get three numbers right but it doesn't matter which three just get three and you win but you will be able to buy up to 10 lotto tickets if you want to check the winning numbers they will be available at CA lotto If there are multiple winners I will split the winnings just send the geo's to my bank and a private message also with the numbers you pick. If you have a complaint and you feel you where cheated you can kindly talk to me and I will try and sort it out. However if I am not able to make the problem come to a healthy conclusion I will then ask Mickey to have the final decision. The starting pot will be 30 geo's. I have them currently in my bank and I will make sure that I do not spend any of the geo's until after the drawing. The winner will be annouced probably on thursday as the number are chosen wednesday night, If I do not get much interest I will use the numbers that are drawn on thursday If I do not have more than one person respond I will move the drawing up till the saturday date of when they draw the numbers so if you put your geo's in for the wednesday it would count for the saturday instead. The cost per entry is 1.2 geo's if you have any question PM me or write a reply.