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Thread: Lotto 10-26

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    Default Lotto 10-26

    There were no winners
    The number was 17
    the jackpot is now 50 geos!

    Please send 1 geo and a PM with your number as the title.


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    Default A small Error at the date

    You make it quite easy for everybody to win on Wednesday.

    The draw was on 10-22 not on 10-26.

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    theres a drawing every wednesday and saturday at 11pm est US

    last wed number was 17
    (the red ball)

    the next drawing is sat

    and incase anyone is wondering....i made 15 geos maybe....and im giving out 50 this week.....its only 1 number...someones bound to win....come on....i wanna post a winner thread!....with a big fake check and everything!

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    Post Powerball

    brodie tell me how the powerball works. I am always a gambler.
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    Can I purchase multiple tickets?

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