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At the moment the difference between players who can put a lot of time into it and those that can't isn't that great. The players who are always able to play may get a new mine about every 36 and a bit hours. The players who don't have that much time maybe every 48 and a bit hours and occasionally longer.

If you remove that limit then those with time will leap ahead and those without will find themselves so far behind in money terms that it becomes pointless to play.

I disagree! We have a bank and if one has the fiscal sense or discipline to stockpile your wealth you will make up the difference quickly. Until recently my mines etc were making me enough money to compensate for other short comings. Now it is a task to make money at the rate I had been, and this is discouraging not to mention stagnating. I feel I can not build up enough to be competitive until limits are lifted.