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Thread: Mickey, this is a problem!

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    Mickey, what are the min and max of production and duration for wells, fields, and mines? because right now my mine is making about 4 times my well and field combined!

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    Diamond Mines will earn the smallest total, but will give it to you in the shortest amount of time (less than a week).

    Oil Wells will earn a slightly larger total, but it will be spread out over a few weeks to a month.

    Cotton Fields will typically earn the most, but it will be spread out over a couple months.

    The bare minimum for any of them is around 60 Geos. The max is well over 600 Geos for each of them.

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    Well I still love you Mickey.....
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    7 Wells
    877 barrels per day = 87.70 Geos per day

    7 Fields
    385 pounds per day = 57.75 Geos per day

    4 Mines
    1,445 carats per day = 216.75 Geos per day

    Total income = 393.41 Geos per day (including interest)

    I think this is OK so have no complaints about the system .... Yet

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    No complaints here.. (but I didn't exist in the old system)

    Oil Income (4)
    505.00 barrels per day = 50.50 Geos per day.
    Cotton Income (3)
    267.00 pounds per day = 40.05 Geos per day.
    Diamond Income (4)
    959.00 carats per day = 143.85 Geos per day.

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