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Thread: We need a traffic officer here discussion

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    Default We need a traffic officer here discussion

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    We need a traffic officer here

    Parked airplanes without any order

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    Question need explanation

    I am not quite sure what I see overthere? Are the planes parked like that or something happened?
    Igor Irić
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    Default Scrapyard

    Scrapyard ?

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    The planes are from three different airlines:

    The airline was established in 1990. Its operations were temporarily suspended in May 2003 when parent airline Avensa announced that it was grounding its aircraft due to a drop in demand of air traffic. It has since returned to flying.

    Aserca Airlines

    Avensa is currently serving only a domestic network of three cities, as they attempt to re-structure.

    So, they are only stored here and waiting for the re-structure. The picture should be taken at that time. It can also be, that some of them are out of service.
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    It looks to me like this is a double exposure of two adjacent satellite images. If you back up a bit, you can see the photographic seam.

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