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    Default Geos to move

    I would imagine moving an army across a map to be a fairly major undertaking. Therefore I propose that armies in transport be either given a cost for movement or a larger upkeep cost while moving.

    I believe a cost for movement wont be effective because I'll send them half way across the world at a cost of, say, 50G and then change my mind 5 minutes later and send them nearby... Do I get a refund? Do I then have to pay the new fee? Too Hard.

    Instead the easy way would be to increase the cost of upkeep for troops MOVING on the map. If you send an army to Honolulu for example the dialogue will say something like;

    Latitude to travel: 37.220143894953
    Longitude to travel: 75.798662597656
    Distance to travel: 84.443924370876
    Actual distance: 83.393924370876
    Approx travel time: 420 minutes
    Extra cost of upkeep while in transit: 66.77 Geos/Day (double normal cost)
    Approx extra cost for trip: 19.47 Geos (extra cost/1440*minutes in a day* X 420 *approx travel time*)

    Then if you change your mind and send the army elsewhere, no worries, you only pay the extra while troops are moving anyway.

    This also means when troops arrive at a homebase or town and STOP, they then don't get charged the extra cost anymore as they camp down and start eating local fauna and flora. (So you can still camp armies outside a city for allied defense)


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    We sorta had the idea of costing oil do move them...though raw geos might be good too.
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    Well both would actually work fine....Geos are used for allmost everything if not everything.
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